Five Things Alumni Need to Know this Week – May 20, 2019

1. It was always one of two things for Lainie Pekich ’13, Paul Jaszczenski ’03 and Kaia. They were either at a dog-friendly human establishment, where Lainie and Paul could eat and drink and enjoy each other’s company, while Kaia was bored under the table. Or. They were at a human-friendly dog park, where Kaia was thriving in her environment, running around and getting her energy out, while Lainie and Paul were trying to find a tree to provide some shade and thinking how delicious a cold beer would be about now. As longtime business owners and entrepreneurs, Lainie and Paul knew there had to be a better way and if there wasn’t, they’d create one. That’s where Orlando’s first dog-park bar, Boozehounds, begins.

Read their story here.

2. Florida may have Florida Man and lovebug season, but we also have the #1 spot in the country for higher education, according to U.S. News & World Report. As one of the five Florida state universities included on the magazine’s national list of top 100 public universities, UCF certainly contributed to this win for the state! Elizabeth A. Dooley, UCF’s provost and vice president for Academic Affairs told UCF Today, “UCF is proud to be a major contributor to the access, affordability, student success, and excellence that distinguishes Florida as the top state in the country for higher education. Together, the universities and state colleges in Florida are showing the nation how the power of higher education can lift lives and energize the future.”

3. You may or may not have liked who ended up on the Iron Throne last night, but one thing is for sure: Game of Thrones fans had quite the journey following along. Why is it that we get so wrapped up in the lives of fictional characters? Two-time alumnus and UCF Professor Peter Telep ’95 ’98 has the answers.

4. Five recent alums have received prestigious Fulbright awards, allowing them to pursue research and educational opportunities or teach English abroad. This year’s recipients will travel to South Korea, Belgium, Brazil and Montenegro. There’s a brief look at each of this year’s five Fulbright fellows over on UCF Today.

5. With hurricane season just up on the horizon, a team of UCF researchers will brief emergency responders from across the state about their work looking at the impact of recent hurricanes. At the annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference, hundreds of emergency management personnel, first responders and planners from across Florida gather together. Learn more about the conference and those representing UCF at it.

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