Five Things Alumni Need to Know this Week – March 18, 2019

1. If you’ve been sleeping on what’s been going on in the world of basketball, it’s time to wake up and get your head in the game — big things are happening at your university. On Sunday evening, as part of CBS’s Selection Show, the ninth-seeded Knights heard their name called to head to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 14 years. We’ll be facing No. 8 seed VCU in the East Region on Friday, March 22 in Columbia, South Carolina. That’s right, South Carolina is lovely this time of year. Feel free to plan a last-minute trip to support the team!

2. OR let’s say you’re fully willing to support the team, but a South Carolina trip can’t quite fit into your schedule this week. Well, we’ve got good news for you, Knights. You can be a part of UCF Basketball’s unprecedented success by contributing to the team through a financial gift. How’s $9 sound as an homage to that #9 seed spot of ours? With your help, we can be March-Madness-bound this week, and other-future-greatness-bound up ahead.

3. Speaking of rankings, what about the 27 UCF graduate programs that were nationally ranked in the top 100 of their fields by U.S. News & World Report? We’ll tell you what — they exist and that really happened. This is a record number of programs ranked for the university, showing that, as predicted, we’re only getting better with age. Elizabeth A. Dooley, provost and vice president for academic affairs, puts it this way: “From our growing academic reputation to our successful athletic programs, the University of Central Florida has made impressive gains over the last decade. The new rankings reflect our focus on student success and faculty excellence and puts us one step closer to reaching our goal of becoming a 21st-century university committed to fueling the talent, ideas and innovation that will drive our community and state forward.”

4. This past Friday brought big news, lots of ear-to-ear grins and a swelling of pride for our medical students. Match Day, which  is one of the most important days for medical students, represents the beginning of their transition to resident physicians following their graduation from medical school. This year’s graduating class at the College of Medicine matched with residencies nationwide at a rate of 99 percent — higher than this year’s national average of 93.9 percent. If you want to just feel good to start off your week, read here about the students’ experience on Friday during Match Day festivities.

5. UCF Day of Giving is right around the corner! Day of Giving is about everyone with a tie to, an interest in and a passion for UCF. From our players pulling together to get the W to our researchers working together to create lasting solutions to today’s problems, at UCF we know that we’re strongest when we’re on the same team. That’s why Day of Giving is all about all of us — alumni, students, faculty, friends, parents — coming together to support what we love and show that we believe in UCF. Be a part of the big day next Thursday, March 28.

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