Five Things Alumni Need to Know this Week – Feb. 18, 2019

1. Shannon Small ’03, ’09 was the girl who did her homework upstairs in the Visual Arts Building because it was quiet and the vending machine had Surge soda. David Small ’02 was (one of) the guy(s) who spent a good bit of time in the computer lab, just playing games. It was UCF in the late 90s — if you wanted to sit on the seal in the Student Union and hear the echo, you could; if you wanted to go to a football game, you were headed to the Citrus Bowl; and if you wanted to hear a love story that would put any “in sickness and in health” cliché to the test, one was just about to begin.

In honor of Valentine’s Day last week, we shared many a #UCFLoveStory. Read all of Shannon and David’s right here.

2. Attention all alumni who live in North Carolina and/or all alumni looking for a rad excuse to travel to North Carolina: President Whittaker is coming to town. We will be hosting two reception events (Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5) for alumni and friends of UCF to get together, get some face-time with President Whittaker and network with Knights in the area. Let us know you’ll be there by RSVP-ing.

3. Last Friday we celebrated the grand opening of a new Cyber Innovation Lab on campus. The lab, which is a result of our partnership with Lockheed Martin, will help meet the growing local and national need for cybersecurity talent. This is a big deal because cybersecurity isn’t just making captchas harder so websites know you’re not a robot trying to order new blinds for your kitchen. It’s considerably more complex than that and, according to Stephanie C. Hill, the deputy executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, “The future battlespace will be heavily reliant on cyber… even more so than we’re seeing today. By working with institutions like UCF, through labs like this one, we’ll all better understand and accelerate our shared capabilities and potential to adapt and innovate in the fifth domain.”

4. You know that incredible feeling when you’re on campus and you’re rooting for the Knights on our turf and we’re just out there crushing the game, whatever the game may be? Well dig this: our basketball team is doing big things right now. We are currently ranked number three in the American Athletic Conference, our games are electric and there are never too many ways to beat USF. We’ve still got a couple more home games, so we’ll see you there.

5. It’s a theatre love-story old as time. The set-designer boy and the stage-manager girl, sneaking glances at each other backstage, finagling opportunities to work the same shifts in the shop, and spending early dating-days listening to musicals together. But for Nikki Blue ’10 and Ryan Emens ’10, it was just the beginning of a lifetime spent discovering new reasons to love theatre and each other every day. Read their #UCFLoveStory today ‘cause honestly it’s not like Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year we should be reading about love, ya know?

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