Five Things Alumni Need to Know this Week – April 8, 2019

1. When advertising and public relationsalumna Sarah Schreck ’18 talks about theatre, she can somehow, within seconds, bounce from talking about its power to create social change to emphatically saying “I will watch ‘Xanadu’ every month until the day I die.” She’s seen the ways theatre can be simply enjoyed, she’s seen the ways it can grow people and this past weekend at UCF Celebrates the Arts, she got to see her own play, First Miss, come to life.

Read the story behind the story of First Miss here.

2. You may have missed First Miss (Sorry, both for that truth and for that unfortunate string of words), but it’s not too late to be a part of UCF Celebrates the Arts! There are events happening throughout this week and into this weekend. So check the schedule and make a plan to be there.

3. It has been 97 days since the last UCF football game and we know how tough that can be on some of you. Get that sigh of relief ready, because the kickoff for the annual spring game is set for April 13 at 2:30 p.m. inside Spectrum Stadium. Get back in the football spirit and join us this weekend! All the details you need on parking, tailgating, what food trucks will be there (yep, food trucks will be there), tickets and more are right here.

4. UCF Restores, the on-campus PTSD clinic, is now partnering with a firefighters group to boost mental health support. UCF Restores founder and director, Dr. Deborah Beidel, says “The term we hear all the time is ‘Suck it up, buttercup” and “Suck it up, get on  the truck’. But among younger people, there’s this awareness that [mental health needs] are real. And we need to do something about it.” So, they are.

5. UCF alumnus Luke Hawksworth ’13isn’t sure if the folks smiling at him in the Orlando international Airport were just exemplifying southern hospitality or if they recognized his face as one of the leads of Netflix’s popular reality show, Dating Around. The show, which premiered Valentine’s Day of this year, stands out from other dating shows in its commitment to put the gimmicks aside in favor of a simple per-episode formula: one single New Yorker, five blind first-dates.

Read the reality behind the reality-dating-show here.

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