Five Things Alumni Need to Know this Week – April 29, 2019

 1. Red Lobster, Alex Trebek and UCF — this article about UCF alumnus Imar Dacunha ’97 and his path to Jeopardy! has it all. Read it now and tune in Wednesday to support a fellow Knight, whose UCF roots helped pave the way to landing on the show.

2. “Avengers: Endgame” is the culmination of ten years, 21 films and a lot of smart minds coming together to create a franchise full of scientific possibilities and not-so-possibilities. So, if you have already made it through your list of pre-Endgame MCU movies to watch, take a beat to read The Science Behind ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Two researchers at UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center provide their expertise on some of the movie’s scientific elements.

3. All you New-York-er Knights, commit Thursday, May 23 to your memory because UCF’s Charge On Tour is heading your way! We want to meet with alumni, fans and friends to celebrate another impressive year for UCF Athletics. Join us to hear from a number of special guests, including Vice President and Director of Athletics Danny White, Head Football Coach Josh Heupel, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Johnny Dawkins, and Head Women’s Basketball Coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson. Register here.

4. Looking for a creative way to support UCF and show off your pride in your alma mater everywhere you go? Well, buddies, we got some good news for you. You can KnightYourRide with a UCF license plate for just $25. It’ll look good, it’ll feel good and it’ll be good because you’re helping UCF!

5. Our UCF Alumni Family is going to grow considerably over the next few days as graduation celebrations take place. Of the degrees to be awarded, the 50,000th DirectConnect to UCF degree will be awarded. This groundbreaking partnership program with state colleges and has expanded access to students, especially those who otherwise may not have been able to pursue a university degree through traditional channels.

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