Five Things Alumni Need to Know – Oct. 8, 2018

UCF Alumni Indoor Tailgate

1.Our No. 10 Knights had quite the game this weekend and officially broke the top ten in the AP Poll. Up next is Memphis this Saturday, so cheer for a black and gold from a UCF watch party near you!

Speaking of football, we had an awesome time this weekend at our Indoor Tailgate. Don’t believe us? Just check out the photos! If you missed it, we’ll see you at the next one on Thursday, Nov. 1.

2. We’re stoked to welcome alumna Natalie Zfat back to campus tomorrow as she leads a discussion on Using Social Media to Land Your Dream Job. The in-person event is at capacity, but you can tune in to the Facebook Live session here!

3. It’s been a busy time for health research at UCF.  In fact, researchers at our alma mater are developing a new tool to help diabetics manage their daily lives more easily. In addition, associate professor Parag Banerjee, with the help of a grant from the National Science Foundation, is to working to develop a device that can rapidly detect heart attacks. Yeah, this is BIG.

4. Have you ever wondered what UCF was like back in the day? Technically, it was FTU, and its first day of classes saw 1,948 students. Alumna Linda (Singer) Black ’71 reflects on what those first days were like and how times have changed!

5. From Breakfast with President Dale Whittaker to watch parties to the UCF Coastal Tour, there’s always something happening in Knight Nation! Check out our UCF Alumni events calendar and join us sometime!

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